Frances Vaughan

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SHADOWS OF THE SACRED: Seeing through spiritual illusions.


Forward by Ken Wilber /​ ix

Preface /​ xv

Introduction /​ 1

1. Golden Chains on the Spiritual Path /​ 3

2. Living in Two Worlds: The World of Ego and the World of Soul /​ 29

3. Sex and Death: Eros and Thanatos /​ 49

4. The Path of Love /​ 81

5. Awakening Soul: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science /​ 108

6. Soul and Gender /​ 138

7. Healing and Empowerment /​ 152

8. The Myth of Enlightenment /​ 196

9. Spiritual Freedom /​ 224

10. Spiritual Practice in Daily Life /​ 253

Notes /​ 289

Index /​ 307

Selected Books and Articles

Fetzer Institute Newsletter, Spring 2007
Forgiveness as a means to awakening love.
Discusses the unique qualities of spiritual intelligence and spiritual maturity.
BOOKS: Psychology/Spirituality
Explores many dimensions of the spiritual path.
Practical wisdom for healthy human development from a transpersonal perspective.
Psychology/Personal growth
Guidelines for training and developing trustworthy intuition.
A comprehensive, edited volume of the best authors in transpersonal psychology.
Journal articles
In our society today, spiritual choices confront the seeker more than ever before. Traditional and non-traditional teachers abound, and having some criteria for evaluation can be helpful.
A goldmine of psychological and spiritual insights.
Nuggets of truth that will change your life.